Monday, 10 June 2013

Charity Shop Haul

I have been in a few charity shops recently and have picked up a few bits and bobs, which I am actually very pleased with! When I've been to charity shops in my area previously, I have been left disappointed however when I popped into Scope in my area, five minutes later I had a handful of things! I didn't get them all but was still very impressed with the amount of items that were in there. Anyway, after that I had rekindled my love of charity shops and therefore went in a few more...enjoy

I was so happy to find these boots in the charity shop! They only cost me £3.50 as well bargain or what?! They are a size too big but nothing that a few pairs of socks can fix. I do already have a pair of black chelsea boots however these are different (I promise!). They are lower on the ankle and they have a chunkier heel, which I love! Overall these were an amazing find and for £3.50 you can't really go wrong.

This khaki top is so versatile which is why it was such a good find in the charity shop. I didn't have this skirt in mind when I bought it, however it was like it was made for this shirt as it goes so well! It was only £3 too, which could be said to be quite expensive for a shirt in a charity shop but I'm not really complaining. I love the military-esque vibe it gives.

Call me lame but I thought this tee was quite cool. The label says it's a genuine New York item and it looks quite vintage-y so I had to get it. I thought it would look cool paired with denim things (shorts, jeans, skirts, etc), especially in the summer. Also a girl can never have too many graphic tees. And at £3 it was a steal compared to the overpriced vintage shops.

Bright? Yes. Granny-fied? Maybe. But cool? Hell yeah. (haha I'm so weird) Yeah, you might think gross but I think this vintage blouse is so cool especially paired with my denim shorts and brown chunky sandals in the summer. Come on, you can't not love a £2.50 granny shirt! 

I didn't have a good picture of this skirt so I've inserted a really awful quality image and a really lovely image of me wearing the skirt (HA!) when I went to The Harry Potter Studios on the weekend (do you like my harry potter glasses?) Anyway, when I bought this skirt it was very long so I hacked it off to a better length and it comes just above the knee. The daisy print on the skirt is gorgeous and the pictures really don't do it justice! It was £3 so another bargain.

Hope you enjoyed my charity shop haul, I may have more of these in the future because I have fell in love with charity shopping once again!


  1. Such amazing finds. I've got a Scope near me and I am honestly never disappointed when I go in there. I honestly can't believe how cheap your chelsea boots were, aah amazing! :)


    1. Aha yes I know! I think I was having a lucky day that day I haven't found something that good for so cheap! :-)
      Lucy x

  2. So jealous of the boots you found, those are lovely! (:

    ♥ Sierra xx

    1. Haha yes, thankyou! I grabbed them as soon as I saw them, I was having a lucky day that day I think haha :-)
      Lucy xx