Saturday, 9 November 2013

Brighton | 08.11.13

Me and my mum went to Brighton to go and look at a University near there and afterwards we decided to go into Brighton because I'd never been before and there was a few shops I wanted to look in. Unfortunately the weather turned horrible but luckily I got a few photos before that happened. We popped into American Apparel and I got a pair of riding pants which I've been wanting for so long now and could finally afford! We then headed over to the area of Brighton with all of the vintage shops, but then thats about as far as we got, because being the absolute klutz I am I tripped, hit my head on the pavement and had to go to the hospital. Which explains why there is no proper photos of my outfit! I'm all okay now apart from a massive lump on the back of my head and a splitting headache. I am such an idiot haha! I did get a picture of my outfit in the American Apparel changing rooms though and I wore my daisy print top and cut out boots from New Look, black shorts from a charity shop, belt from COW vintage, green cardi from internacionale and beige coat with fur collar from Oh My Love

After all of that commotion I did actually enjoy the day overall and I am more than happy with my riding pants!

Hope you enjoyed


  1. I hope your heads ok! I was in Brighton last week, such a lovely place :) x

    1. haha yeah I'm fine now, I'm so clumsy :') and yeah I really love it there, I'm definitely going back soon as I didn't get to see a as much as I wanted to :-)

      Lucy xx