Thursday, 6 February 2014

My Style on Instagram #2

I thought I'd do another one of these posts as I really have had minimal time lately to do proper posts.(I'm sounding like a broken record now haha I am sorry) These pictures just give more of an insight to my style and clothes that I'm buying and wearing over the past month or so. I'll hopefully be posting lots more in half term as I will have lots of time and I've got lots planned. Hope you enjoy!

  1. This was just a quick Sunday outfit of the day, so it wasn't anything majorly special but I liked the simplicity and comfort of it while still looking mildly like I'd made an effort haha! I wore my denim A-line skirt from Topshop, which I snagged in the sale for about £7 not that long ago. I paired it with my mix knit jumper from Primark which I'm loving at the moment. Over the top I wore my fluffy cardigan and my trusty docs on my feet.
  2. This was another OOTD taken in the Topshop changing rooms. I wore my velvet T shirt from Topshop which featured in my last blog post. My favourite denim shorts and bowler hat.
  3. My new shoes that featured in my last blog post too. I was sooo happy with these, they are originally from Topshop but I bought them on Next2Nowt for £15 and they were in mint condition. They are velvet t bars with a chunky sole, could a shoe be any more perfect? I think not.
  4. A dress I'd forgotten I had. I bought it from eBay back in the summer and hadn't really worn it since then. I decided I could make it more weather appropriate by wearing tights and a cardigan.
  5. Another OOTD (I think they are my favourite haha). I wore my new black Topshop MOM jeans with my new American apparel striped top.
  6. Some purchases I made shortly after Christmas. I bought these two lovely tops, the striped one from American Apparel - £30 and the Daisy one from Urban Outfitters for £15. I've been wearing them to death lately! 
  7. This was my Christmas Day outfit you may have seen in my Christmas 2013 blog post. For outfit details check out the post!
  8. This was my Christmas Eve outfit. I wore my American Apparel riding pants with my Topshop lace blouse. Over the top I wore my dusky pink cardigan which I got from a charity shop. 
  9. Finally, another OOTD from a few months back now. I wore my eBay MOM jeans with my Brandy Melville stripe crop top. I wore my River Island fluffy cardi over the top to keep warm (I literally cannot stop wearing this cardigan, I'm wearing it as I'm typing haha)
I hope you liked this little post! As I said I should be back to posting more in the half term, hope everyone is well :-)


  1. You have some really great looks! Love the vintage dress :) Great look x

    1. Aw thankyou! hehe yeah I love it too :) I love your blog and style btw all your clothes are so perfect!

      Lucy xx