Friday, 26 April 2013

Sixth Form and College Outfit Ideas

I come up with a few outfit ideas that you could possibly wear to sixth form or college, the outfits vary from smarter outfits to outfits that could be worn to schools with a more relaxed dress code. The outfits are just ideas and are examples of what I would wear so you can just use them for inspiration and edit them to accomodate your own style. Enjoy.

outfit 1:                              outfit 2:                               outfit 3:                           outfit 4:
-dress: Urban Outfitters      -blazer: vintage via ebay    -denim jacket: vintage    -cardigan: UO (sale)
-cardigan: Topshop            -disco pants: River Island  -blouse: vintage              -dress: Topshop
-hat: Urban Outfitters         -blouse: charity shop         -skirt: vintage                  -blouse: charity shop
-chelsea boots: brick lane   -shoes: dr martens             -shoes: dr martens           -shoes: dr martens

outfit 5:                                   
-jacket: eBay                             
-blouse: Motel Rocks                 
-leggings: Primark                    
-shoes: dr martens (as before)   

For this outfit I have used one of my favourite dresses from Urban Outfitters. I love it because of the floral pattern and flattering fit. You can pare it with a cardigan for a more casual look or a blazer for a smarter look; you can change this up depending on how formal your dress code is. I have pared 15 denier tights with thigh highs as I really like the layered look this creates. I added my bowler hat as I think a hat can always change up a look. And finally I pared the whole look off with flat chelsea boots and a pinky lip.

I would call this the boyfriend look as the outfit is very 'raided dad's closet' esque. I do really love this blazer though, it adds some smartness and also colour to a very monocrome base. It's very oversized though, so I rolled the sleeves up. I pared it with my disco pants as the sheen to them not only adds smartness, but adds interest as the I have mixed up textures in this look. On my top I wore a simple white blouse I thrifted from a charity shop. I topped the outfit off with my dr marten shoes (adding to the boyfriend look) and a bright pink lip (to take away some of the masculinity!)

This is one of my favourite looks. I have pared my (very christmasy!) cardigan over the top of a very simple yet effective look. I layered a black dress over the top of a white collared blouse. The collar gives the smart look for sixth-form/college and also gives the dress a whole different look than if it was worn alone. The cardigan adds colour and warmth and to finish the look i wore my cherry doc marten loafers and a red lip to match!

If your school/college is slightly more lenient on the dress code you could pair a denim jacket with your outfit like I have done here. Denim jackets are classic and statement pieces, they also do look smart when worn with the right things such as smart trousers, dresses and blouses. I have worn mine over a cream blouse and a floral skirt. I have also added a jumper underneath for warmth and also to create that layered look that always looks good. A light pink lip and my Dr martens complete the look.

This is also an outfit that could be worn to a school with a more relaxed dress code. I teamed acid wash esque leggings which are quite casual with a polka dot collared top which still keeps an element of formality to the outfit. I then added my army jacket over the top of the outfit to keep in with the more casual feel of this outfit. For shoes I just wore my black dm's again and had a light pink lip to complete the look.


  1. absolutely love your style! xo

    1. thankyou very much lovely, love your blog! xx

  2. aaah this is really cool, although my sixth form is a bit stricter only being allowed to wear black/navy for everything, you've really given me some good ideas. Love your fashion, really want to have this sort of style xxx

    1. Thankyou, ah yes a lot of places are quite strict, it just depends where you go! Luckily with mine you can wear what you like excluding denim :) Thankyou again lovely xxx

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