Monday, 17 June 2013

Motel Rocks Sample Sale

I meant to post this ages ago but I hadn't gotten round to it until now. On 6th of June I went to a Motel Rocks sample sale, I'd always wanted to go to a sample sale and as one of my favourite labels Motel were having one I jumped at the chance! I got up really early so I could get near the front of the queue and I'm glad I did because so many people turned up. All in all it was really good and I got four really nice things. Enjoy! P.S sorry in advance for just wearing tights and socks, I couldn't really be bothered to put shoes on haha!

I was so pleased with what I got! I got all three dresses for £10 each and the skirt was £7. I couldn't believe my luck, also some of the things I bought were things I'd seen on the website full price and really liked! 

  • The first dress I just had to get because it was polka dot! I love polka dots a bit too much I think. The dress is a little see through but I just put a black slip underneath and that problem is sorted. I couldn't believe when I saw this dress online for £41?! I think that is so overpriced but for £10 I definitely think it was worth it. Its quite flattering too and has a high neckline, which I love. It's a very versatile dress which can be either dressed up or down. 
  • I was so happy when I saw a range of paisley items on the rail as it's one of my favourite prints right now. This dress is supposed to have a babydoll fit, however it is more fitted on me than it would usually be on someone else because it's a size small, and I'm usually a medium but it's not a big deal as it fits quite well. Originally this would be priced around £55.
  • This dress is originally £35 too so another bargain! I love the marble print on this dress as it's quite unusual and I don't have anything like it. I think it would also look great in the summer. 
  • This skirt is a beautiful red floral print, which is perfect for summer. Also, this was a medium too so it fits so much better than it would be if it was a small. Paired with a white crop top and brown sandals would be ideal for on holiday. I'm not sure what the original price was but similar skater skirts on the website are £35. 

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