Friday, 23 August 2013

Holiday Vlog


I was supposed to put this up ages ago seeing as I returned from my holiday two weeks ago now but iMovie decided it didn't want to work and therefore I couldn't export my movie I'd spent quite a long time on, so I was pretty annoyed. However, I have remade it and luckily it has exported this time yay! Originally, I was going to more of a talky kind of follow me around vlog but due to me walking around the ship talking to my camera and getting some very odd looks I decided to do more of a typical, video clips with a song over the top. I've attempted to add in some snazzy rewind, and fast forward kind of edit things to make it more interesting, so I hope it doesn't look too weird! I just wanted to play around with different editing features. Anyway enjoy the video and I will be getting back to posting more soon, I have lots lined up! P.S I got a little zoom happy as well.

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